Our mission: Organize bitcoin's information to help businesses succeed by providing data, insights and services.Digital currency, and blockchain technology is cutting-edge and growing fast. Complex and multi-layered. Its scenery can change in an instant. How will you navigate it without reliable data?Kaiko – the ultimate data source for bitcoin.New participants in a brand-new industry need the best information available, but it’s hard to find. Knowing where to invest. Finding the right position for a new business. Knowing exactly where your bitcoin holdings are. Understanding a complex market inside and out. Understanding both competitors and like minds. The advantage of being first to know where everything sits. Data with real meaning, not just charts and tables.Kaiko's comprehensive data will underpin successful businesses as they build the world’s new financial system.We are a team of experienced data and analytical technologists. We make the tools businesses need to explore the uncharted world of bitcoin, digital currency and blockchain technology. Whether you’re corporate or government, large or small, in need of a few facts or a steady stream of up-to-date information, Kaiko has the answers you’re looking for.
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