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You know this better than we do, right?

That there has never been a better time to be working in content. There are almost unlimited tools, channels and techniques to uncover a narrative and engage a community. And if this makes you as excited as it does us, please read on.

We are excited to be looking for a Content Strategist to join our team. Ideally you will be joining us in Paris as part of our journey as the first international team accepted into the NUMA Sprint Accelerator program. But we’re a global team, and we think you’re just as welcome to work remote.

As a content creative, you will probably already be full of ideas of what you could do with a company like Corilla. Especially as an open source company with our incredible backstory, with founders that are both highly technical, and highly creative.

We “get” content strategy because that’s what we do too. But we want to resource you to really swing for the fences, giving you support, a sounding board, and the creative assets you need to really provide incredible experiences for our customers and our community.

As a strategist, you will see how our focus on both our upstream developer community, and downstream customer base gives you incredible scope for engaging across the channels and devices that they prefer.

You will ideally have a few years experience in a similar role, or… not. We know enough that good content colleagues can come from any direction. This is a growth role an a perfect opportunity for someone escaping a corporation or wanting to take ownership of their mission, and earn some real equity in the process.

What you will have is a portfolio or content that you’re proud of, some big ideas of what we will be working on together, or just simply a creative way to pitch us.

About Corilla

Corilla's formation was inspired by an experience working on an internal publishing startup at Red Hat. In a forgotten corner of an office tucked away in Australia, a group of technical writers built their own open source CCMS. The result took over nearly two thirds of the company's global software documentation.Travelling internationally to share these insights at techcomms and software documentation conferences globally, Corilla cofounder David Ryan observed a common pattern. Technical writers were complaining about being forced to use tools that they disliked to create documentation that customers no longer read.Leaving Red Hat to focus on this problem full time, Corilla gained the support of Red Hat's cofounder and first CEO, Bob Young, leading an initial angel round. Shortly after the team packed its bags after an invitation to join Google Launchpad in Paris, France, and then stayed on as the first international startup accepted into the NUMA Sprint Accelerator .Since completing the intense acceleration program, Corilla has grown a global community and launched a public beta release. You can follow our journey onthe blog or twitter and as always, we would love to hear from you.
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