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You’re not looking for an internship with a bank. You don’t want to disappear in some cubicle and be given inconsequential code just to tick over some brand on your resume.

You understand that the real action comes in joining a startup that’s going global, that’s got some of the most notable names in the industry on its side, and that it’s all about making awesome things with good people and having fun doing it. If that sounds like you, then you’re in good company, because that’s us too.

As an open source company we have a mandate to give back to the community, and that includes providing opportunities to work alongside our core team on a variety of interesting and iterative experiments. We’re not interested in interns for the sake of crunching code, but as an opportunity to connect with our core developer team, peering with their experience and being supported to explore your ideas in the open source and enterprise.

Yes – we want you to do your best work and have a public Github repo to show for it (and to show your next job application). That’s just how open source works. So if you’re up for the challenge, and have either a developing interest or demonstrable skills in the following, we want to hear from you:

– Javascript
– Linux
– Amazon AWS
– open source
– Github
– hustle

While not essential, some of the following skills would be favourable:

– experience with content management systems
– love thinking about the future of content
– experience in or passion for the startup ecosystem
– down with the open source community
– either speak French or not intimidated by some of our team having cool accents
– don’t mind traveling
– strong desire to experiment
– understanding or interest in UX for developers
– interested in building out your own persona brand as our content team works on sharing our journey
– Mario Kart

About Corilla

Corilla's formation was inspired by an experience working on an internal publishing startup at Red Hat. In a forgotten corner of an office tucked away in Australia, a group of technical writers built their own open source CCMS. The result took over nearly two thirds of the company's global software documentation.Travelling internationally to share these insights at techcomms and software documentation conferences globally, Corilla cofounder David Ryan observed a common pattern. Technical writers were complaining about being forced to use tools that they disliked to create documentation that customers no longer read.Leaving Red Hat to focus on this problem full time, Corilla gained the support of Red Hat's cofounder and first CEO, Bob Young, leading an initial angel round. Shortly after the team packed its bags after an invitation to join Google Launchpad in Paris, France, and then stayed on as the first international startup accepted into the NUMA Sprint Accelerator .Since completing the intense acceleration program, Corilla has grown a global community and launched a public beta release. You can follow our journey onthe blog or twitter and as always, we would love to hear from you.
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