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Job Description


■ Identify and generate new leads in the European market (preferably where you are based)
■ Leverage your local network to connect with entrepreneurs and startups
■ Nurture opportunities into contracts
■ Assist in the building projects from the ground up, making them meaningful and beautiful
■ Build up and maintain strong relationships with influential entrepreneurs in Europe and establish partnerships
■ Administration of work including the preparation of quotations and contracts
■ Manage an effective clientele/customer communication through Google Drive and Slack channels
■ Work closely with the CEO and Europe lead and develop your skills with a diverse, international startup
■ View and contribute to the entrepreneurial journey and development of the whole startup. No better way than to learn how to do it yourself now!
■ Share your ideas and knowledge with the eager members of the team
■ Available full-time or part-time


■ Keen interest in strategic B2B sales and business development. Having experience is a plus!
■ Familar with tech dev processes. You don’t need to be a developer, just passionate and knowledgeable about all things tech, from web technologies and websites to mobile apps and more.
■ Pleasant character with good inter-personal skills is important.
■ Good relationships with an active network in entrepreneurship and coworking spaces/incubators is a bonus!
■ Clear, concise and effective communication skills (in your own native language,too!)


■ A happy, remote team of experts in various fields – from engineers to digital marketers – supporting your activities
■ Excitement of setting up new regional coverage and project autonomy
■ Flexibility to work remotely where you want and when you want
■ A skyrocketing learning curve (we give you the freedom to take on challenges, and we know that failing fast is an opportunity to learn)
■ Develop your entrepreneurial side
■ Additional opportunities as we grow and learn together
■ A unique learning opportunity with our founder, in an empowered environment with no ceiling and plenty of development opportunities

PERSONAL QUALITIES (as important as skills!)

■ Entrepreneurial: You might be already be a founder or have that startup spirit – you certainly don’t want to just be an employee.
■ Creative: You think outside the box. We want your ideas and feedback not only for the projects you’re a part of, but also for the whole company
■ Timely and committed: You manage your time well
■ Challenger: You like to push yourself and go beyond your own goals. We’re ambitious and we want you to be too!
■ Quality-driven: You create great work you’re proud of!
■ Fast learner: You’ll learn a lot with us, and we move fast!
■ Team player: You share, discuss, ask for advice, and report on your work regularly. You’ll work independently, we don’t want to be on your back 😉


■ Work comfortably from home, remotely, with fully flexible hours and lots of freedom

About Creatella

Creatella is a highly international and ambitious tech development startup. Please message us at hello@createl.la if you plan to launch a startup (FinTech, EdTech ...) and look for an experienced international tech partner to be in charge of your tech execution. Born in Singapore, with European roots and with a team working remotely from all continents, Creatella aims to become a top tech startup in the bustling South East Asia. After a first successful development of Cash2Cash, a FinTech P2P cash currency exchange platform in Singapore, Creatella's multi-disciplinary dev team is working on several projects spanning from professional services platform to cash remittance or language exchange platform. We also develop and operate ourselves exciting internal projects, rich in opportunities for learning and empowerment, aimed at building awesome teams of developers!

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