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Job Description

Job Description
eFounders is a startup Studio. Together with entrepreneurs, we turn unique ideas into successful companies. We act as the perfect co-founder to build strong and independent startups.

So far, eFounders has launched 6 companies: Mailjet • Textmaster • Mention • Front • Aircall • Pressking

About the opportunity
Our intensive hackers program is the ideal way to learn how to build SaaS companies the eFounders way. For six months, you will prototype, develop proofs of concept, and work within our early-stage startups.

You will also enhance your tech skills by working hand in hand with experienced CTOs.

At the end of the program, you will either:
– get the opportunity to join one of our youngest startups,
– get a recommendation for one of our portfolio startup,
– or even build your own as a technical cofounder within eFounders.

– Experience in developing, releasing, and maintaining web and native applications under pressure
– Full-stack technology experience (front and back end)
– Deep understanding of Javascript web frameworks
– Contribution to open-source projects

About eFounders

eFounders is not an investment fund nor an incubator nor a group of mentors rather real builders of projects that we identify, develop and support internally until they reach enough traction to live their own life.eFounders’ projects generally begin as ideas for which a CTO and an a CEO in residence start to work on by building a MVP and by exploring the market/business model aspects. To help these projects take off eFounders provides initial funding, a team of experts in residence (ranging from designers to marketers) and the experience/network of its two co-founders (Thibaud Elzière and Quentin Nickmans).Once traction has been found the projects evolve into real independent companies which go through the normal growth cycle: hiring people, structuring management, raising money etc...Since we were born, we built 6 SaaS companies from the ground up:* Maijet* TextMaster* Mention* Front* Aircall* Hivy (2016)3 others are in the making and will be launching soon. Stay tuned!Mission:We are web enthusiasts dedicated to several projects with a large skill set; project development, strategy, business modeling, internationalization, web development, and design, all of which are necessary to launch innovative projects successfully.
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